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Since our cakes are custom made to each customer's specifications, a quote will have to be given for the exact total. The prices below are a baseline that we use to help price our cakes. Additional charges will apply for certain decorations and flavors.

Custom cakes usually start at around $200.

Place an order at least 3 to 4 weeks before cake or cupcakes are needed.

Textured White with Pink Cake.JPG

Frosting Covered Cakes

Frosted covered only cakes. Prices start at

$7.00 per person
First Communion Cake.JPG

Fondant Covered Cakes

Frosted cakes covered in fondant. Prices start at

$8.00 per person
Glenlivet Bottle 40th Birthday Cake_edited.jpg

Fondant Carved Cakes

Carved cakes covered with fondant.

Prices start at

$15.00 per person

Standard Sized Cupcakes

Standard size cupcakes. Min order per flavor is 12.

Prices start at

$4.00 per cupcake

Cake Push Pops

Layers of cake and frosting in a push pop. Min order is 6.

Prices start at

$6.00 per pop

Miniature Sized Cupcakes

Bite sized mini cupcakes. Min order per flavors is 24.

Prices start at

$1.50 per cupcake
Keisha Crumbs.jpg

Keisha Crumbs

Cups of cake pieces with a dollop of frosting on top. Offered as specials throughout the year.

$7.00 per container
Banana Pudding

Delicious Banana Pudding Cups

12 ounces of creamy layers of banana pudding, Nilla wafers and fresh cut banana slices.

$10.00 per container
glass cake jars.jpg

Glass Cake Jars

8oz glass mason jars with layers of cake and frosting. Min order per flavor is 4 jars.

Prices start at

Cake jars.jpeg

Plastic Cake Jars

8oz cake jars with two cake layers and two frosting layers. Min order of 4 per flavor.


Wedding Cake Tastings

Cake tastings only available for wedding cakes. Additional charge for extra flavors or people.

$25.00 per couple
Cake on board.png

Delivery Fee From Boynton

Delivery fee is $1.50 per mile from Boynton Beach.

$1.50 per mile
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